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7. What does uncontraced/prevented and variety purity mean?

In the world of tomatoes there are different varieties, many of which are protected from crossing due to the structure of their flowers. This is because its flowers have a special structure: the stigma, part of the flower's female reproductive organ, is hidden inside the calyx. This means that cross-pollination is virtually impossible, although in rare cases it can still occur.

If tomatoesgrown without any special measures and simply allowed to grow is called“unprevented” cultivation. However, there is a way to prevent cross-pollination: you can, for exampleThe still closed flowers of the plant form a fine networkor aspecial bag, such as an organza bag. This process is called “contraception.”


Through this protective bag pollination by insects is prevented, and the seeds are thusdefinitely pure, as no crossings can take place.

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