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Tomato keeper in VEN: Guardian of diversity and tradition

The role of a tomato keeper in the VEN: 
Guardian of biodiversity"

In the Association for the Preservation of Crops (VEN), the tomato conservationist plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the biodiversity of tomato varieties. Their tasks go far beyond simply planting and caring for tomatoes. As a guardian of biodiversity, it has an important mission.

Collection and preservation: One of the main tasks of a tomato keeper is the collection of different types of tomatoes, especially old and rare varieties. This diversity is carefully preserved to ensure it is not lost.

Cultivation and propagation: The preserver takes care of growing the collected tomato varieties and collecting their seeds. Care is taken to maintain variety purity to ensure that the varieties remain stable over time.

Documentation and information:Tomato keepers keep detailed records of the characteristics, flavor and origin of each tomato variety collected. This information is invaluable to other gardeners and researchers interested in biodiversity conservation.


Dissemination and education:An important role is to pass on knowledge about tomato varieties and their conservation to others. This can take the form of workshops, lectures and training to raise awareness of the diversity and value of heirloom tomato varieties.

Preservation of genetic diversity: By preserving and propagating different tomato varieties, tomato conservationists contribute to ensuring genetic diversity. This is of great importance as it allows new varieties to be bred and to respond to changing environmental conditions.

Overall, the role of a tomato conservator in the VEN is of great importance for the preservation and promotion of tomato diversity. Through their work, they help ensure that valuable varieties are not forgotten and that we can continue to benefit from the amazing variety and taste of tomatoes. They are the guardians of the tomato harvest and at the same time guardians of our cultural heritage and biological diversity.

You can find out more about the club at

My varieties grown so far for the VEN

Since 2021 I have been actively maintaining varieties from the red list!

Single Siberian heart

Siberian yellow heart


Tomato variety Heinemann's Anniversary

Heinemann's anniversary


Yellow plum in the basket

Yellow Plum/Plum-shaped Yellow 2022

Important NOTE:
No advertising, just support for variety

Dear readers,

I am sharing this link to the Association for the Conservation of Useful Plants (VEN) for a special reason. My main concern is to preserve the diversity of crops and to educate other gardeners and nature lovers about the importance of this conservation work.

This is not an advertisement, but a passionate support for the VEN and its commitment to the preservation of crop species, including tomato varieties. The diversity of these plants is invaluable for our environment and our diet.

If you are also interested in preserving and promoting variety, I encourage you to get to know the association better and support it. 

Let us work together to ensure that many valuable plant varieties are not forgotten.


Thank you for your interest and support!

With gardening greetings,


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