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Heinemann's anniversary

An uncomplicated tomato variety for the hobby gardener

Tomato variety Heinemann's Anniversary

Heinemann's anniversary exceeded my expectations in every way. This tomato variety is not only extremely productive, but also extremely easy to care for. Even amateur gardeners with little experience will enjoy growing this variety. Gardening has never been so easy and rewarding!

The addition

The Heinemanns Anniversary tomato variety has always had a good reputation among gardeners, and I couldn't wait to grow it in my own garden.

The cultivation of Heinemann's anniversary begins
On March 15, 2023 the time had finally come and I planted the seeds of Heinemann's anniversary in pots to grow them early. After a short time the first green seedlings appeared and the anticipation grew. Caring for the plants was very easy: regular watering and  sufficient light (in my case special plant light)  were all they needed. The Heinmanns anniversary grew best under a roof.


The first signs of success

On June 20th, just three months after planting the seeds, I could see the first small green tomatoes on the plants. It was amazing how quickly the plants developed and produced fruit. The plants looked healthy and very strong. I only had to support them shortly before they were ripe!

The harvest time

In mid-August the time had finally come: the first ripe tomatoes were ready to be harvested. The taste of Heinemann's anniversary was simply good. The tomatoes were juicy and had an intense aroma. They were perfect for salads, sauces and of course for fresh tomato sandwiches, but also for drying.

A productive and long harvest season

In total I had ten Heinemanns Anniversary plants in my garden, and they produced an impressive amount of tomatoes. The plants were so productive that I had plenty of tomatoes and was even able to can some tomatoes. The date of the last harvest will follow soon,  It is currently the end of September and the plants are still full of lots of red and green tomatoes.

The plant

Compact but powerful

One of the most striking features of Heinemann's Jubilee is its low stature. With a maximum height of around 70 cm, it is ideal for smaller gardens, terraces, raised beds and balconies. But don't let its size fool you - this plant is extremely powerful.

Lush growth and low maintenance requirements

Heinemann's Jubilee is characterized by its bushy growth. This means it produces lots of leaves that protect the fruit from the intense sun and reduce evaporation. Another advantage of this bushy growth is that no pruning is necessary. So you don't have to constantly remove side shoots to keep the plant in shape.

Strong stems for heavy fruit

The stems of Heinemann's Jubilee are so robust that they can easily bear the load of the numerous fruits. I was surprised at how many large tomatoes this small plant can produce. The need to tie or support the plant only arose when the fruits had reached an impressive size.

Fruit and taste

Of course, the quality of the fruit is crucial. Heinemann's anniversary does not disappoint in this respect.

The aroma of Heinemann's anniversary

One of the outstanding features of Heinemann's Anniversary is undoubtedly its intense aroma. This is fruity, sweet and has a slightly spicy note that makes every bite a culinary experience. The taste is reminiscent of sun-ripened tomatoes that have ripened on the windowsill all summer long.

The texture of the fruit

Heinemann's Jubilee is characterized not only by its excellent taste, but also by its perfect texture. The fruits are juicy and firm at the same time, making them an excellent choice for a variety of dishes. Whether you want to use them in salads, make salsa, dry them or simply enjoy them fresh, the texture of these tomatoes will impress you.

The size of the fruit

The fruits of Heinemann's anniversary are not huge. They are usually medium sized and weigh around 100 to 150 grams each.

Harvest maturity and taste

Another great feature of Heinemann's Jubilee is that the fruit is perfectly ripe when harvested. This means that they have already developed their full flavor and sweetness when you pick them. You don't have to wait for them to ripen, which is particularly advantageous if you want to enjoy them fresh.

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