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11. How does pollination work in tomato flowers?

Thetomatois a remarkable plant thatbe able to, itselfto fertilize yourself, which means it doesn't necessarily rely on insects to form fruit.

Thepollinationof tomato flowers can be done in three different ways. For one thing, she can get through itwindwhich transports the pollen between the flowers. Another way is through pollinationinsects, which cause vibrations by sucking on the flower and thus contribute to fertilization. In addition, that can also be the caseShakeof the plant by the gardener contribute to pollination.

In situations where tomato plants are in a protected location, for example in a windless location with few insects, shaking the plant occasionally can help pollination. This can help the flowers be fertilized more effectively, ultimately resulting in an increased harvest.


Shaking the plant aids the process of pollination and helps more fruit develop, which can increase harvest quantity.

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