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Siberian yellow heart

A treasure that belongs in every vegetable garden!

The addition

It's amazing how a simple passion for gardening can blossom the joy and pride in our hearts. On March 15, 2023, I started my little experiment - growing ten plants that would soon lead to a bountiful harvest of "Siberian Yellow Heart". What followed was an amazing gardening daydream that made my green thumb blossom even more.

The starting line: March 15, 2023

On March 15th I began my adventure and planted ten small seeds of "Siberian Yellow Heart". Winter was fading, and I couldn't wait for the day when I could plant my delicate plants outdoors.

The big move: May 10, 2023

It was May 10, 2023, when my ten little protégés finally moved out and moved into my garden paradise. The anticipation and expectations were high, but I was up for the challenge. The plants seemed to acclimatize quickly and grew quickly and strongly.

The first fruits: June 13, 2023

June brought the first surprise: the first tender fruits of the "Siberian Yellow Heart" appeared! It was a real moment of triumph when I spotted the first small green tomatoes on the plants. The anticipation of the coming harvest grew with each passing day.

The first ripe tomato: July 11, 2023

And then, on July 11th, came the highlight of my gardening year: the first ripe tomato! It was an uplifting moment when I harvested the juicy, golden yellow fruit. She was literally beaming on my hand. It was truly remarkable how early this variety ripened.

The plant

Foliage like from another world

The breathtaking foliage of this special tomato variety is noticeable at first glance. The leaves are deep green and their shape is very reminiscent of the leaves of potato plants. But instead of sloping upward, these leaves grow downward, almost like curtains protecting the fruit beneath. This unusual leaf pattern gives the plant a distinctive look and makes it an eye-catcher in the garden.

A narrow growth with a big impact

The Siberian Yellow Heart is also characterized by its narrow growth. It grows upright and compact, making it an ideal choice for small gardens or growing in pots and containers. When grown as a single shoot, the plant can produce amazing yields. This is a great option for gardeners with limited space who still want to harvest high-quality tomatoes.

Stable support for magnificent fruits

An important tip for growing this tomato variety is to use a sturdy support structure. The fruits of this plant can be quite heavy and large. Sometimes there are even four fruits on one panicle! To prevent the branches from breaking or the plant from falling over, it is advisable to use a suitable support, cages or even tie them up. This way you can ensure that the tomato plants thrive safely and produce an impressive harvest.

Space-saving and productive

Due to its narrow growth and the ability to grow as a single shoot, this tomato variety is extremely space-saving. This means that many of these plants can be grown in limited space. It is therefore perfect for balconies, terraces or small vegetable gardens. Despite its compact growth, you can harvest an amazing amount of fruit from this tomato variety.

The key to success: simple care and clever fertilization
One of the reasons for my success in raising the "Siberian Yellow Heart" was the uncomplicated care. This variety is easy to grow. However, I made sure it received enough nutrients by using sheep's wool and crushed eggshells as natural fertilizer. Later in the season I added organic liquid fertilizer to ensure my plants were getting everything they needed.

The fruit and the taste

In the fascinating world of tomato varieties, there are some that stand out for their extraordinary appearance and even more impressive taste. One such variety is the "Siberian Yellow Heart". 

Welcome, Siberian Yellow Heart

The Siberian Yellow Heart tomato is undoubtedly one of the most unusual varieties the tomato world has to offer. Its fruits are heart-shaped and shine a bright orange when fully ripe. This color alone makes them an asset to any garden, but it's their flavor that really stands out.

A fruity delight

The taste of the Siberian Yellow Heart tomato is extremely fruity. With every bite a great aroma unfolds that delights the palate. The tomato has a firm bite, making it an ideal choice for a variety of culinary applications.

Little jelly and a balanced sweet-acid ratio

What makes this variety special is the fact that it has very little jelly. This means that their flesh is juicy and firm without losing any flavor. A balanced sweet and sour ratio gives the tomato a pleasant depth of flavor. It's not too sweet and not too sour, just right.

Hardly any solid skin and a lot of pulp

Another outstanding feature of this tomato variety is its delicate skin. It is hardly firm, which makes cutting and preparing the fruit effortless. 

Mild and yet full of flavor

The Siberian Yellow Heart Tomato has a mild flavor, making it an excellent choice for salads, sandwiches, and even fresh salsas. It can be used in many ways without dominating other flavors.

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