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6. What does fermentation mean? Why do you do this and how do you do it correctly?

Tomato seeds are fermented to improve germination and disease resistance. Fermentation is a natural process in which the seeds ferment in a moist environment (usually in their own juice) and activate certain protective mechanisms.

During fermentation, the outer layers of the seeds are broken down, increasing their ability to germinate. At the same time, the fermentation process releases natural antimicrobial substances that can protect the seeds from pathogens.

Fermentation of tomato seeds is a proven method to improve the quality and germination of the seeds. It is particularly important for growing seed resistant varieties as these varieties cannot be stabilized through hybridization or genetic modification.

Fermented tomato seeds

Fermented seeds

The protective germ coat is gone. The seeds look like they have a slight fuzz.

Non-fermented tomato seeds

Non-fermented seeds

The protective germ coat is still present

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