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20. Why do some tomato seeds have brown spots or are brown?

Tomato seeds may occasionally have brown spots, and this can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • Natural variation: Some tomato varieties naturally produce seeds with brown spots or patches of different colors. These spots can be anchored in the plant's DNA and are part of the genetic variation within the species.


  • Diseases: Tomato plants can be affected by various diseases that can affect the seeds. When a plant is diseased, the seeds obtained from that plant may have brown spots or other abnormalities.


  • Unfavorable growing conditions: To obtain high-quality seeds, tomato plants must grow under ideal conditions. If the plants are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions or stressors such as inadequate irrigation, large temperature fluctuations, or nutrient deficiencies, the seeds may exhibit quality problems, including brown spots.


  • Lack of drying or storage: After harvesting, tomato seeds must be thoroughly dried and stored correctly. If not done properly, the seeds can rot or become affected by mold, which can result in brown spots.


It is important to note that brown spots on tomato seeds are not necessarily a sign of poor quality. 

Grafik "Wichtig"

Braune Flecken auf Tomatensaatgut sind nicht unbedingt ein Zeichen für mindere Qualität. 

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