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1. What types of tomatoes are there?

A distinction is made between the following types.

  • Stick tomatoes
    These are tomatoes that grow indefinitely throughout their growing season and should be supported or tied (see picture below). For a good harvest, stalk tomatoes should be grown with one or two main shoots. The shoots between the leaf axils should be pruned regularly. When enough fruit clusters have formed and the desired height has been reached, the tip of the main shoot can also be removed. This means you can determine the height of the tomato plant yourself and the fruits will ripen more quickly. On this topic there isHEREa video.


  • Bush tomatoes, balcony tomatoes or Dwarf tomatoes
    These tomatoes are limited in height and are therefore very suitable for growing in containers, pots, small gardens, on the balcony or in raised beds. The Dwarf stands for dwarf. (See image below)


  • Dwarf bush tomatoes
    Some of them only grow to a height of 20 cm and then stop growing. Due to their height, they can be grown very well in balcony boxes, small pots or raised balcony beds. 


  • Ampel tomatoes
    They are a special type of tomato that is well suited to growing in hanging baskets or hanging baskets. They have a hanging habit and form long, overhanging shoots. This allows them to be grown in containers or hanging baskets without requiring a lot of width space. Growing hanging tomatoes is a good option for people with limited space in the garden or balcony.

Tomato variety Blondköpfchen on plant

Stick tomato

Tomato variety Micro Gemma - plant with ripe fruits

Dwarf bush tomato

Tomato variety Bonsai - plant in a pot

Bush tomato

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