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About me and how I came to tomatoes...

My passion for gardens and tomatoes: 
A look into my green paradise

This is me Sabine Merk

Since 2021, I have been able to proudly call myself a garden owner, and the two separate gardens in our residential area have enriched my life in many ways. 

My gardening adventure began with one simple step, from green lawn to the earthy diversity of a blooming garden. The transition from the meadow to the garden was a transformation that took my relationship with nature to a whole new level. Instead of just being an observer, I became the designer of a green oasis in which plants and animals live in harmony with one another. Sustainability and nature conservation were my focus right from the start.


In 2021 I discovered my passion for tomatoes. Growing this diverse fruit became a matter close to my heart. I experimented with different varieties, learned about the needs of these plants and shared the joy of the first ripe fruits with my family and neighborhood. The tomatoes became symbols of my journey as a gardener.

Membership in the “Association for the Conservation of Crop Diversity” from 2022 was a logical step for me. In this committed association I found like-minded people who are committed to preserving old varieties and biological diversity in our gardens. Together we are committed to preserving the traditions of seed protection.

For me, the issue of seeds is of central importance and I am committed to ensuring that there is no place for harmful chemicals in my garden. My goal is to garden in harmony with nature rather than against it. This means I rely on natural methods to repel pests and promote soil health. This way I can ensure that my gardens are not only beneficial for me, but also for the environment.

A particular joy for me are the three seed exchange boxes that I was able to set up in three different locations. These serve as a platform for the community to share seeds and promote diversity in our gardens. Everyone can exchange seeds here and thus make their own contribution to preserving crop diversity.

As a garden owner dedicated to nature, I have begun an exciting journey. My goal is to preserve the beauty of nature while producing delicious harvests. My garden is more than just a place to relax - it is a place where I garden in harmony with nature and celebrate the wonders of life in all its forms.

I'm very happy that you like tomatoes on my homepage! Stop by to experience diversity and wish you an inspiring time full of gardening joy!


Your Sabine

Tomatensorte Sart Roloise

My story - how it all began...

It started small. With an order of 10 types of tomatoes in a surprise letter. Some time ago I had no idea what wonderful variety the world of tomatoes would still offer me...

For me, tomatoes have become much more than just a simple vegetable. First of all, it is the variety of tomato varieties that excites me. From small cherry tomatoes to large beefsteak tomatoes, there are countless variations in shape, color and taste. Each variety has its own peculiarities and characteristics. It's exciting to try out the different varieties and get to know their individual characteristics.

Another reason I am so fascinated by tomatoes is their growing process. It is impressive to watch how a small seed grows into a powerful plant. It fills me with pride and joy to be able to actively experience this process.

The taste of fresh, home-grown tomatoes is another reason why this topic fascinates me. There's nothing better than the sweet, juicy taste of a ripe tomato straight from your own garden. The aromas and nuances are incomparable and amaze me every time. It is a pleasure that I like to share with others and that always motivates me to grow new varieties and discover new taste experiences.

In addition to all these reasons, I am also fascinated by the history and culture of the tomato. Originally from South America, it has spread throughout the world over the centuries and has become an integral part of the cuisine of many cultures. Tomatoes are a symbol of diversity, enjoyment and health.

Overall, I am fascinated by the topic of tomatoes because of their diversity, their growing process, their challenges, their taste and their cultural significance.

For me they are not just a type of vegetable, but a passion that inspires me again and again.

The tomato is a small miracle of nature that inspires and motivates me to deal intensively with it.

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