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15. How do you know that green tomato varieties are ripe?

Green Tomatoes: Myth or Reality of Toxicity?

The question of whether green tomatoes are poisonous always causes uncertainty and confusion. In fact, there is some truth behind this myth, but it is important to emphasize thatNot all green tomatoes can be considered equally poisonous.

Most tomatoes turn red when ripe, but there are certain varieties that also turn redimmature looking,green state can be enjoyed. The confusion often arises due to alkaloids, particularly solanine, which can be found in higher concentrations in unripe tomatoes.

However, it is important to emphasize that itThere are special green tomato varieties, in which the solanine content is low and which are therefore considered safe for consumption when ripe. An example of this is the "Green Zebra" tomato, which is specifically known for its refreshing taste and greenColor,in the ripe as well as in the immature state, was bred (see pictures below).

Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when it comes to consuming common, unripe tomatoes.

An easy way to determine the ripeness of green tomato varieties is to look at themPay attention to color. If thatoriginal green slowly turns yellowish, This often signals that the tomatoes are ripening. This color change is clearly visible in the picture. The tomato on the left (picture on the right) shows the characteristic yellow-green coloring of a ripe Green Zebra tomato, while the tomato on the right (picture on the left) is still in an unripe green stage. Observing this color change is a reliable way to determine when green tomato varieties have reached optimal ripeness.

Grafik "Schon gewusst!"

Ein einfacher Weg, um den Reifegrad von grünen Tomatensorten zu bestimmen, ist, auf ihre Farbe zu achten. Wenn sich das ursprüngliche Grün langsam ins gelbliche wandelt, signalisiert das oft, dass die Tomaten reif werden. Dieser Farbwechsel ist auf dem Bild deutlich erkennbar. Die Tomate links (Bild rechts) zeigt die charakteristische gelb-grüne Färbung einer reifen Green Zebra-Tomate, während die rechte Tomate (Bild links) noch in einem unreifen grünen Stadium verweilt. Das Beobachten dieser Farbveränderung ist eine zuverlässige Methode, um festzustellen, wann grüne Tomatensorten ihre optimale Reife erreicht haben.

Green Zebra

Tomatensorte Green Zebra im unreifen ganz grünem Zustand
Tomatensorte Green Zebra im reifen gelb-grünen Zustand

Green Zebra

Lime Green Sald an Pflanze
Lime green salad front
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