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9. What does culling mean for tomatoes and which varieties are culled?

Pinching" is a gardening term that refers to the removal of side shoots or suckers from a plant. This process is especially applied to indeterminate tomato plants, ensuring that the plant directs its energy into the main stems and fruit development.

Pinching enables the fruit to ripen faster and generally results in better quality.

This practice is typically applied only to indeterminate tomatoes. It prioritizes the main stems by removing side shoots. This helps the plant focus its resources on the main stems, leading to improved fruit production.

In contrast, determinate or bush tomatoes do not require pinching. With these plants, it's unnecessary to remove side shoots as they can be left in their natural growth form. Bush tomatoes have a more compact growth habit, and the development of their side shoots usually does not significantly impact fruit production or plant health. Hence, bush tomatoes can generally be allowed to grow naturally without the need for pinching.

Geiztriebe einer Tomatenpflanze
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