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Tomato Amethyst Jewel (seeds)
Type: Stick tomato

Fruit type: beefsteak tomato

Growth height:2.00 m (indeterminate)

Original origin: USA
Fruit ripeness:medium

Taste: juicy, fruity, low acidity
Outdoors/pot/bucket/balcony without a roof: no

Seed year: 2022
Variety video available: no

A beautiful red-black beefsteak tomato that originates in the USA. The rule here is that the more sun this great tomato gets, the darker it becomes.

The Amethyst Jewel has onenarrow growth, so it produces few side shoots.

Their taste is very fruity. The Amethyst jewel is very juicy and has little acidity.

Because of its heavy fruit, it should definitely be well supported. It should definitely be grown under cover and protection, as it does not cope well with changes in the weather. The Amethyst Jewel is a bit sensitive here.

Amethyst Jewel (seeds)

1,50 €Price

Free shipping from 15 euros.

There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

VAT is not shown (small business, § 19 UStG)

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