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This unique tomato variety set consists of six carefully selected varieties that are ideal forOutdoor cultivation suitable and oneDo not exceed a maximum height of 30 cm. These compact tomato plants are perfect forGardens, balconies and terraces, where there is limited space available. Also forRaised beds very suitable.

The following 6 varieties are included:
- Tartufo (picture 2)
- Pauline (picture 3)
- Sweet'n neat (picture 4)
- Florida Basket (Image 5)
- Mico Gemma (picture 6)
- Birdie Jaune (picture 7)


The varieties in this set are characterized not only by their low height, but also by their excellent taste and versatility. You can expect juicy mini fruits that are great for fresh salads and snacks. These tomatoes are easy to care for and require little space, but they still produce bountiful harvests.

Please DO NOT add these 6 varieties to your shopping cart individually.

Seed set “Mini Tomato Magic” (seeds)

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There are 10 seeds per variety in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

VAT is not shown (small business, § 19 UStG)

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