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Tomato Sweet'n neat (seeds)
Type:Bush tomato/Dwarf tomato/Dwarf bush tomato
Fruit type:Cherry tomato 
Growth height:0.20 m (determined)
Original origin:USA
Fruit ripeness:early
Taste:juicy, little pulp, crunchy, pleasant acidity, sweetish
Outdoor/pot/bucket/raised bed/balcony without roof: Yes
Seed year: 2023
Variety video available: no

Sweet'n neat is a tomato variety known for its sweet taste andcompact growth habit is known.

The plant grows bushy and reaches a height of around 20 cm. This makes it particularly suitable for cultivation inpots,balcony boxesorsmall gardens.

The taste of the tomatoes is juicy and fruity, with a pleasant acidity. It is also crunchy and has little pulp.

Sweet'n neat tomatoes are relatively easy to care forrobust against diseases. A greatOutdoor tomato!

Since this variety is a bush tomato, it needsnot exhausted to become. Also onesupport is neat at Sweet'nnot necessary

Overall, Sweet'n neat is an ideal tomato variety for anyone who would like to harvest fresh, sweet tomatoes but has limited space. The compact growth habit and sweet taste make them a popular choice for home gardeners and tomato lovers.

Sweet'n neat (seeds)

SKU: B-114
1,50 €Price

There are 10 seeds per variety in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

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