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Tomato Nimu variegated (seeds)
Type:Bush tomato/Dwarf tomato
Fruit type:Salad tomato
Growth height:1.50 m (determined)
Original origin:USA

Fruit ripeness: medium
Taste:soft flesh, mild, tomatoey, slightly sweet
Outdoor/pot/bucket/raised bed/balcony without roof: Yes
Seed year: 2023
Variety video available: no

The Nimu variegated tomato variety is a unique and rare variety. The plants produce medium-sized, round to slightly flattened fruits with an unusual color. She is also an absolute eye-catcher because of hervariegation(Leaves spotted, stems two-colored, see pictures 3 and 4).

It doesn't get that high and can therefore fit in very wellpots, demraised bedor insmall gardenbe cultivated. 

The Nimu variegated tomatoes have a sweet, mild and fruity taste.

The plants of the Nimu variegated variety are hardy and grow well in most climates. The Nimu handled hail and storms well. A recommended oneoutdoor variety!

Due to their rarity and attractive appearance, Nimu variegated tomatoes are very popular among collectors and lovers of unusual tomato varieties.

Since the Nimu variegated is a bush tomato, it should be tied well. Their fruits are also plentiful and very heavy. It is not necessary to size it out.

Nimu variegated (seeds)

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There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

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