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Tomato Golden Queen (seeds)
Type:Stick tomato
Fruit type:Salad tomato
Growth height:1.80 m (indeterminate)
Original origin:Germany

Fruit ripeness: medium
Taste:mild, fruity with hardly any acid
Outdoors/pot/bucket/balcony without a roof: Yes
Seed year: 2022
Variety video available: no

The Golden Queen tomato variety is an old,heirloom variety, which is known for its bright yellow color and sweet taste. It is ideal for themPot culture

Their fruits ripen early and are therefore ideal for growing in cooler regions.

The Golden Queen tomato has a juicy, fleshy consistency and a mild, sweet taste. 

The Golden Queen plants arerobustand grow well in most climates. The variety is also relativeresistant to diseases.

The Golden Queen tomato is a popular choice for home gardeners and lovers ofold tomato varieties.

Since this is a stick tomato, it should be goodconnectedandsupportedbecome.Regular stripping increases the harvest.

Golden Queen (seed)

1,50 €Price

Free shipping from 15 euros.

There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

VAT is not shown (small business, § 19 UStG)

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