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Tomato Edith Bernhard (seeds)
Type:Stick tomato
Fruit type:Salad tomato
Growth height:1.80 m (indeterminate)
Original origin:Austria
 Fruit ripeness:early to mid-early
Taste: pleasantly sweet with nice spice
Outdoors/pot/bucket/balcony without a roof: Yes
Seed year: 2022

The tomato variety “Edith Bernhard” is oneremarkable variety, which are characterized by their unique properties and theirdistinctive taste distinguishes. This tomato variety belongs to the bush tomato group and is particularly popular with hobby gardeners.

The Edith Bernhard tomato plantgrows compactlyandbushy, what they are ideal forsmaller gardens,Balconies, raised bedsorTerracesmight. She can alsopots andbucketsbe grown.  This tomato variety islight to growand only requireslittle care. Also inFree range she shows herselfrobust.

This variety is characterized by its ssweet, intense taste out of. The tomatoes are juicy and have a pleasant acidity.

Since this type of tomato is a stick tomato, it should definitely be usedmaxed outbecome. Due to the variety of fruits it should be goodsupportedorconnectedbecome.

Overall, the Edith Bernhard tomato is oneexcellent Choicefor hobby gardeners and connoisseurs alike. Its compact size, delicious flavor and versatility in the kitchen make it a variety that should be in every garden.

Edith Bernhard (seeds)

1,50 €Price

Free shipping from 15 euros.

There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

VAT is not shown (small business, § 19 UStG)

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