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Tomato Black Zebra (seeds)
Type:Stick tomato
Fruit type:Salad tomato
Growth height:1.80 m (indeterminate)
Original origin:USA

Fruit ripeness: medium
Taste:soft, fruity, sweet, juicy, mild with little pulp
Outdoors/pot/bucket/balcony without a roof: no
Seed year: 2023
Variety video available:no

Special feature:Old Variety/Heirloom (see explanation below)

The Black Zebra tomato variety is a unique andstriking variety, known for its dark, almost black skin and bright red stripes.

The Black Zebra tomatoes have an intense and sweet taste that many describe as particularly tasty and aromatic.


The plants of the Black Zebra variety arerobustand grow well in most climates.

Black Zebra tomatoes are popular not only for their unique appearance and taste, but also for their health benefits. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system.

Since this great variety is a stick tomato, it shouldregularly exhaustedbecome. The yield is very high even if you only grow it on a single shoot. Due to the heavy fruits, the Black Zebra shoulddefinitely well supported become.

Overall, the Black Zebra tomato is a fascinating and tasty variety that will add a special touch to any garden or plate.

Black Zebra (seeds)

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There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

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