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Tomato Anmore Treasure (seeds)
Type:Bush tomato/Dwarf tomato
Fruit type:Cherry tomato
Growth height:0.40 m standing, 0.60 m hanging (determined)
Original origin:Canada
Fruit ripeness:early
Taste:fruity, juicy, soft with a subtle sweetness
Outdoor/pot/bucket/raised bed/balcony without roof: no
Seed year: 2023
Variety video available: no
Special feature: Old Variety/Heirloom (see explanation below)

The Anmore Treasure is an early ripening great cherry tomato. Due to its height, it is well suited for cultivation on thebalcony, inbalcony boxesorpots. Also asAmpel tomatoshe is doing very well. Should you have an extension inraised bedConsider the Anmore Treasure eitherhangingorstanding, but then supported, cultivated.

The variety is Anmore Treasurewell over 50 years old and is one of the heirlooms (i.e. the very old varieties).

The fruits can remain on the plant for a long time. They are slightly soft and beautifully sweet. A wonderful snack tomato! The harvest is also impressive.

Since the Anmore Treasure is one of the bush tomatoes, it needsnot exhausted become. If it is pulled upright, it must be goodsupportedbecome. However, it is best to cultivate it hanging, as it develops a wide growth and many branches.

Anmore Treasure (seeds)

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There are 10 seeds in a bag. The seeds are solid and fermented. 

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